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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #256: Boo*Kee / Artoo

Hard week at Casa Diva. We are sending ALL our good vibes to Laura and her family. Our challenge is a duotangle,with Boo*Kee and Artoo,  in honor of her two ADORABLE boys. 

This tile was totally different from my usual style, if indeed I have one!! I had fun, and hope that the Harms family will be back to having fun very soon. Our Diva is so precious and generous, sharing her family life with us AND providing us with challenges every week, no matter what.

Thanks for stopping by! Be well and happy. I try to look at and comment on all your submissions. I'm not always a member of the same program as you and sometimes can't post.  If you don't see me on your blog, please know that I probably visited and loved seeing your work!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jennifer's Opus One and Joey's Weekly Challenge #101

Before having a go at Joey's challenge, I finished my first Opus tile! (10 in. x 10 in or 25 cm x 25 cm) I kept it traditional: black, white and graphite. I was pleased with the result and thoroughly enjoyed working on it. For now, it's displayed on a black easel. If you haven't yet tried a larger format piece, I strongly encourage you to do so. It's a wonderful change of pace and an excellent opportunity to have lots of different tangles play together! I'm still a bit unsure of sizing--am I drawing too large or too small? Feel free to give me your opinion. (My apologies for the photo. My camera stand was a bit wonky, and I only now noticed the shadow.)

Roman Numeral I! This was Joey's string for this week's challenge, and it made me laugh! So simple, but so creative! She gave us 3 patterns: Dillo, Fleavy and Cle. I particularly enjoyed using Dillo, which I had admired in this morning's String Thing posts. Thanks, Joey, for a fun string and 3 new patterns.

Thanks to all for stopping by. I try to look at and comment on  your submission when you leave a comment. I'm not always a member of the same program as you and sometimes can't post.  If you don't see me on your blog, please know that I probably visited and loved seeing your work! Have a great week!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #255

"Ghosts of Tangles Past". This week, the Diva invited us to rectangle a tile from our archives. This was one of my first tiles, dated 3/1/14, prior to taking any CZT classes.I chose a tangle that I always loved, but never used again. Sprangle, by Suzanne Davis, reminds me of gingko leaves, and all the organic lines of art nouveau. I'm so happy that the Diva brought me back to revisit this piece.

And now...

I unintentionally used a sepia pen, but warmed it up a bit with the brown. I debated adding the Diva Dance, but decided to go with the white space instead.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to seeing everyone's work. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. I learn so much from you!

Congratulations, Joey!

Joey celebrated her 100th challenge this week! I so admire her steadfastness and creativity! She never disappoints us, and always shows up on Monday morning with a fun, interesting challenge. I found her blog exactly seven months ago, when we were doing the Alphabet Monotangle Challenge. That week, we used Florez, and that particular piece remains one of my favorites, smudges and all! I had not yet started my blog, so, if you'll humor me, I'll share it here! 

And now, for this week:

Congratulations, Joey, and many, many thanks! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a busy week! And a long one, as I went 5 days without tangling or blogging or looking at your blogs! I spent three days with my three "granddogs" while their parents enjoyed a much needed and well-deserved break. All three "pups" are, much like "grand-mère", in the geriatric, over-the-hill crowd, with all that entails! We enjoyed our time together, as always, with lots of cuddling and even a little playing chase!
Before heading off to my pups, I had been working on an ensemble project using a water-color wash. (Thank you, Michele, for your invaluable tutorial and your constant inspiration!) As she recommended in another post, I "washed" a larger sheet, drew my string, using jar lids and tiles, cut it into 3 x 3 squares and tangled them. I "mounted" them on some artisanal paper.I'm really happy with the results and will definitely do another one.

Once I had finished this project, I had a look at this week's challenges and thought I'd skip them! However, when I was getting ready for V-Day, and starting making a card for my beloved Lar, I thought, "Oh! This works for the Diva!" (I hope Lar won't mind that I've posted his card!)

Having finished THAT project, I had a look at Joey's challenge. This one really spoke to me, as I love anything that's yin/yang. I thought, "Lar and I are very different and complementary. Why not do this one together?" He good-naturedly grabbed his Zentangle kit and humored me, once again. (How did I ever get so lucky?) We were both happy with our jointly drawn tile.

Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful week! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Two for One! Diva and Joey Challenges 2/1/16

February!?! Need I say more?
I seem to have knocked my hands and wrists out of whack breaking up all the ice we had. This morning, when I read Joey's and the Diva's challenges, I thought they might play well together. My hands were not playing so well, so I sort of rushed through doing this. I used a Zendala tile for the outline in my sketchbook. I like the results.