Zentangle is...

The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

What now?

After the Introduction to Zentangle class, you may be interested in pursuing this relaxing art form. Here are some possible avenues to explore:

  • Private lessons. I am available for private lessons--individual and small group classes. These can take place in your home, or we can find a suitable meeting place, based on the size of the group. Private and small group lessons are $50 for two hours of instruction. Supplies and room rental fees, if applicable, are extra.
  • Public lessons. I offer classes that explore different tile types and tangles. These two-hour classes are $35. Supplies and room rental fees, if applicable, are extra. I advertise these classes on my blog, zenspar.blogspot.com.
  • Public classes. Sertoma Art Center usually offers a series of Zentangle classes that go from introductory to more advanced levels.
  • meetup.com has a group  called Zentangle®: The Triangle Tangle Meetup. The leader is a CZT and offers classes periodically. They are usually $25-$35.
  • zentangle.com. The newsletter and blog frequently have instructions for new patterns. By visiting the archives, you can see step-outs for all the patterns created by the founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. While you’re there, you’ll see many examples of their own art.
  • youtube has great instructional Zentangle® videos. My favorite is Ellen Wolters. She is easy to follow, has many videos, and will actually make a video for you if you’re having trouble with a particular pattern.
  • tanglepatterns.com. This is where you can find step-by-step instructions for almost every published tangle! There is also a great sorting feature that allows you to search for certain types of patterns, eg grids, ribbons, heart-shaped, free-form, etc. You can also sign up for emails that introduce new patterns.
  • Challenges. All over the world, Zentangle® enthusiasts come together every week via the internet and social media to create tiles that meet the parameters of different challenges. These challenges usually suggest a string, or a theme, or certain patterns and give you the opportunity to post your work for all to admire. If you’re still a bit shy, you don’t have to post, and you can still admire and be inspired by others’ work! Just google “Zentangle challenges”.

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