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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Zendala Moments 04, et al.

Where does the time go? I just noticed my last post was last month!! And it's already the middle of May....
I have spent many hours--or rather days!--in the garden, as temperate weather finally found its way to North Carolina. My vegetable garden has seen several "rescue" operations recently--a rat snake that was trapped in the netting, and two rabbits who seem to have found a new home. In the picture below, the bunny is waiting at the gate to go back in the vegetable enclosure. Sigh.


Between gardening and animal rescue operations, I've been tangling, of course!

I found this picture of myself when I was 4 or 5 and created the cartouche.

A bit of tangling on a folded Zendala for my friend Leandro, a 15-year old Messi fan

I joined the "Today's Tangles: Keeping It Classic" group on Facebook after seeing some interesting prompts on the Mosaic app. Thank you, Sandy!

Last but not least, the Zendala Moments 04 tiles! Thank you, Lonetta!

I finally finished my journal from the CZT seminar I attended in 2015! This journal was so special that I wanted to save it!!! I only used it for "special" things. Now I've started another journal, same size and brand as the first, but minus Maria's beautiful calligraphy on the cover. I'm trying to use it more often. It reminds me of hearing people say that you should use your crystal and finest china every day, not just for special occasions. (I don't have any, so that's not a problem!) But the sketchbook question lingers: should I use it for everything or just special projects? I think that when I do use it, I am more likely to take my time and savor the experience, much like one savors a meal served on china more than a meal on a paper plate! And the Zentangle Method encourages us to use the finest materials we have available, so that we appreciate the moment more, thereby intensifying our gratitude. On the other hand, the journal is a little awkward for me to draw in because it's not flat, and it's just more cumbersome. (Oh, those geniuses, Rick and Maria, and their 3.5 inch tile format!!!)

What do you think? Do you prefer journals or tiles? I do hope you'll let me know your thoughts!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

(Another) Zendala Moments 03 and Cartouches!

Cartouche: 1. A structure or figure, often in the shape of an oval shield or oblong scroll, used as an architectural or graphic ornament or to bear a design or inscription.
2.The latest Zentangle craze, launched in the Project Pack 05 and its accompanying (free) youtube tutorials.

I clearly prefer the second definition, and have been savoring the tutorials this week. If you haven't already, you really must check these out. (I'll admit that I had to see the videos before I got excited about this project.) Here are a few tiles I did this week:

From Day 3, using the embedded letter technique on recycled cardboard

A card for my son-in-law. Zendala Moments 03 on a tile dyed with bleeding tissue paper. This cartouche technique is covered in Day 5.

From Day 7.  The flower is from a botanical print.

Get out your keepsakes, family photos, memorabilia, natural treasures--whatever speaks to you--and create a beautiful cartouche to honor it as you meditate on its beauty and meaning. In this age of "Kondo-mania", think about what truly "sparks joy" and let it inspire your creation.
Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Zendala Moments 03

Thanks again, Lonetta, for this lovely template! I had a great time tangling this. I used a paper that I had made with water color and ink a while ago. I loved the colors, and just had it up on the wall, admiring the leaf and branch shapes. (Orange and fuschia are my happy energy colors.) The leaf shapes in Lonetta's template reminded me of the paper.

May all your energy be happy and bright!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Can't get enough Zen(dala) Moments!

Lonetta, of Zendala Moments fame and glory, has me hooked. No sooner had I posted yesterday than I started Zendala Moments #2, and once again channeled my inner Bohemian with the bright colors. (Maybe one day, I'll have my own little "roulotte".)

So much fun, but gotta go. Zendala Moments #03 awaits!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Zendala Moments #01 and a new spinner

Thank you and kudos to the lovely Lonetta for starting another Zendala site. I've mentioned before how much I missed Erin's Zendala Challenge. Zendala templates really put me in the moment. No planning, lots of repetition, lots of turning the tile, seeing the spaces and metashapes in different ways. I feel like a kid with a kaleidoscope!

I think that the Zentangle spinner qualifies as a Zendala form, too, don't you? Although it's much less intricate, the repetition is there. Here's my second spinner, from the Project Pack. I decided to focus on fragments and explore the recently published "Reticula and Fragments" book. Channeling my inner Bohemian, I went with some bright, vibrant colors and gold.

Thanks for coming "around" to visit! 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Diva's Weekly Challenge #387: HaWy

I've always admired Holly Atwater's work. Her recent tangle, HaWy, reminds me of inlaid wood and quilt patterns. Simply stunning.
Trying to replicate HaWy gave me some not so stunning results. Drawing an offset dot grid, the first step, had me in a less than Zen state! Connecting the dots, once I saw Holly's tips, was a pleasure. High focus, indeed, but doable. But that dot grid!!! I resorted to printing out an offset grid, just to get me started with the pattern. After several practice rounds, I was ready to try it sans template. (I confess to using a straight edge to help me keep everything in line. ) On the first tile, I had the dots right, and then I drew the asterisks in the wrong places! So I took my white paint pen and inked over them. Deep breath. Start over. The result left something to be desired! I really wanted to get the feel of the inlaid wood and quilt patterns, so I took another piece of cardboard. Deep breath. Begin again.

A good lesson to remember in life: Deep breath. Try again.

Thanks for your visit! Wishing you a peaceful, patient week.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Diva's Weekly Challenge #386: Pick up where you left off

Isn't our Zentangle community wonderful, in so many ways? We come from different cultures,  different languages, different backgrounds, different age groups, different everythings! And yet we all love this relaxing and fun method of creating beautiful images. This week's Diva challenge--to pick up a tile that you never finished--pointed to one of the differences I see in how we practice the Zentangle method. Some tanglers have a pile of tiles that they never finished. Some don't! I fall into the latter category. I enjoy sitting down to draw, and finishing the tile. I may not be excited about every one, and I may go back and add something later, but I have a sense of "done". But there was this one 5 x 7 inch piece of gray card board, the side of a cracker box, with some blue ink orbs that had been sitting on my desk for a couple months.
And here's what became of it:

Blue Micron 01, Prismacolors, white Gelly Roll on 5x7 recycled cardboard

This exercise has reminded me that, with a little love and patience, we can take something that might be discarded and transform it into something to appreciate. Just like the burl, a cancer-like growth in trees, may look ugly to us. When the tree is cut into boards, it has a beautiful pattern.  There are things in my life that seem ugly and undesirable, but I believe that I can find a gift in them if I stay open to that possibility. 

Appreciated on a walk earlier this week

Is there something in your life that hides a gift underneath an unpleasant exterior?
Thanks for stopping by! I wish you a peaceful and insightful week.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Diva's Weekly Challenge #385: Valentangle

The season of hearts is upon us! And the Diva challenged us this week to get inspired by any and everything "Valentine-y". While I'm not particularly fond of hearts, I did come up with a heart string that I liked. I filled it in with lines, some of which are inspired by Eni Oken's book on Echo Lines. I also reviewed Simone Bischoff's amazing tutorials on linework which I highly recommend. This technique of filling in space with lines is so relaxing for me. I enjoyed making these two tiles.

Thanks for visiting! Hope your week is sooooooo soothing!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Diva's Weekly Challenge #384: Anthem

Anthem scored points with me as soon as I saw it on the Mosaic app recently. It just looks different to me from most tangles. I don't know of anything quite like it, with its crystalline structure. Thank you, Laura, for choosing it for this week's challenge. I chose to draw it on a black 3Z tile, which I thought would go well with the angular pattern. I used an "oldie, but goodie" technique: Zenstone shavings are rubbed into the paper and feathered out to create the glow. Then I drew the tangle with a Graphic 1 pen. (Don't try it with a Micron or Gelly Roll, which will get clogged with the soapstone particles.)

I've been trying to use this tangle with the "tranzending technique". Not quite there, yet, but I hope to have something to share next week.
Thanks for your visit! Have a lovely week!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Diva's Weekly Challenge #382: Stripes for a string

Our wonderful Diva CZT challenged us to a striped tile this week. I believe that when we use stripes for our string, we can call it "stacking". This technique is always relaxing, since there's not a lot to figure out. We just layer tangles, one on top of the other, like a luscious cake! My stripes were more like ribbons, but I'm happy with the results!

Thanks for looking in on me! Have a lovely week! (I'm headed back to a long-term substitute teaching position this week, but hope to find time to meet you here again next Sunday!)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Diva's Weekly Challenge #381: New year, new medium and bookmark GIVE-AWAY!!!!

This week's challenge to use a new, or rarely used, medium came the day after I thought it would be fun to use some gesso. I was missing the experimentation that I enjoyed in my art journal last year, and needed some "standing up" art that would keep me moving on my feet a little bit, sort of like cooking does! (You may wonder how gesso does this. In my house,  I use wet media in the kitchen and bathroom, but draw in my office/studio space. Unconventional, but it works for me and keeps the paint and gesso away from the carpet!!)
I started with some recycled cracker boxes, just playing withe the gesso and some blue acrylic paint.
That was Monday morning. As the week progressed, I was getting more and more frustrated and uncertain about where this was going! Lots of "Maybe if I just add (color/pen/graphite/more gesso/etc.)" Perhaps you've been there. Then the thoughts of "I just won't post this week". By last night, I had a half-decent bookmark to show for the process.
This morning, I finished my bookmark. (It's the one on top.) I looked at the larger piece and decided, "Bookmarks for everyone!!"

Let me know if you want a bookmark by January 27. I'll happily send you one! (If there are no takers, these guys will go to the library where we have Zentangle classes.)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Diva Weekly Challenge #380

Congratulations to the Diva for eight years of faithfully posting wonderful challenges for our community! This week's challenge: use a circle for your string, be it a "spundala", a "Zendala" a "Zenbutton" or maybe 2 Christmas balls?

This template came from a madebyjoey challenge from January 2016

Before the holidays, I had lunch with some of my fabulous students. We were lamenting the fact that it was almost Christmas and there was no time left for tangling holiday cards. Jokingly, we said we should start our January classes at the library with greeting cards, and then we would be ready for Christmas 2019.  When I saw this week's Diva challenge, and remembered that beautiful string that Joey had given us a few years ago, I thought, "Why not?" So today, I'm doing a class about negative space in which we'll create greeting cards. Here's the other demo for the second card:

Another template from Joey's challenges of January 2016

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Diva's Weekly Challenge #379: Holidaze

Happy New Year! I wish you all health, peace and growth in the new year.
It's been almost 2 months since my last post. I'm slowly recovering from back, hip and shoulder issues. The computer remains a no-no, but I wanted to wish you a happy new year before 2019 is over! (They do go by fast, don't they?). And share my holiday tangles for challenge #379! Some of these were gifts, some were related to the new year. I hope you find something to put a smile on your face!
Here are a few things that I've done since November 11.

Set of napkins for my daughter and son-in-law

12 Days of Zentangle spinner 

Petal Envelopes for Christmas gift cards

Cover for my new planner

My New Year's Eve (anti-sleep) Zendala

Thanks for stopping by, and not forgetting me! 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Diva's Weekly Challenge #375: Burtz and Gratitangle2018

It's good to be here.
I briefly considered skipping this week, which found me very un-Zen. My friend Ali sometimes says she has the attention span of a wet fart on a hot skillet. That was me this week. Until I made myself pick up my last Renaissance Zendala, a brown Micron 01 and start drawing. (I didn't say "sit down". That was part of my problem this week, with my achy-breaky hips. I've adjusted my drawing table so that I can stand and draw. I still have to sit to work on the computer, so I'd better move on before the hips have their way with me!!!)

This tile is destined for my favorite pen shop: Crazy Alan's Emporium, here in Chapel Hill. I am so grateful for Alan's hard work and dedication, his sense of humor and friendly attitude! 

Thanks for your visit! Have a wonderful week!