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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #290 and Inktober 24-30

I made it! I finally managed to complete the weekly challenge and post it by Sunday midnight. Sooo proud of myself ;)
The Diva asked us for a duotangle, using Flux and N'Zeppl.  Since I used my resulting tile for the InkTober challenge, I'll include it at the end, in chronological order.

InkTober Day 24: Dozen

Day 25: Tired (Quite à propos, n'est-ce pas?)

Day 26: Box, aka Wishing I had studied drawing perspective. (Sorry for the blue tint.)

Day 27: Creepy

Day 28: Burn

Day 29: Surprise

Day 30: Wreck AND the Diva's Duotangle. Weeds can totally wreck an inlaid stone terrace, you know.

And just for fun, 2 pictures from a walk in the Carolina North Forest, where I was trying to boost my creativity and come up with a drawing for "Burn".

Thanks for your patience! Have a fun, but not too scary, week!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #289: Leafy Goodness and InkTober 18-23

I'm still playing catch up with the weekly challenges! Seems it's all I can do to post on the Monday after the challenge comes out! Challenge 289 was to incorporate autumn leaves into our tile. Normally, this is a personal fave. I love autumn. I love leaves. What's not to like? 
Here in North Carolina, our leaves are not at their peak. It's been quite dry, in spite of Hurricane Matthew that devastated the eastern   counties, many of which are still housing folks in shelters. (The historic town of Princeville opened back up only last week to its residents.) It's also been unseasonably warm, so many of the leaves are still on the leaves with a bit of color, but lots of green. Mother Nature seems at a bit of a loss, sadly. And so was I. I enjoyed searching for leaves this week, during several outdoor ventures. I finally found one yesterday that was a) not shriveled and b) nicely colored. I traced it and just filled it in with line work, then surrounded it with Printemps. Not my favorite, but here it is.

Somehow, I have managed to keep up with InkTober this week.

Day 18: Escape

Day 19: Flight

Day 20: Squeeze

Day 21: Big

Day 22: Little

Day 23: Slow

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Diva #288: Gourdgeous and InkTober Days 11-17

Is it November yet????
This InkTober challenge is keeping me on my toes! As you probably noticed, I have a hard time keeping up with the weekly challenges, and now I'm doing a daily challenge??
Let's try to get me caught up with the rest of you!
Here's last week's Diva Challenge #288:  Gourdgeous! I managed to do this in the waiting room today during my husband's eye exam.

And now for this week's InkTober entries:
Day 11: Transport and Day 12: Worry

Day 13: Scared

Day 14: Tree
Day 15: Relax
Oops! Those are the new "grankits!" They were my inspiration ;)

Day 16: Wet
Day 17: Battle (the hardest one yet!!!)
(Black and white, not blue!!)

That's it for this week! Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great week!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Diva's Challenge #287: Dreamcatcher and InkTober

Daniel Lamothe's lovely Dreamcatcher tangle was the focus of this week's Diva Challenge. Not wanting to miss (another?) week, I drew this on Sunday evening, during the Clinton-Trump debate. I typically either a) fall asleep b)get really angry while watching debates, so I thought working on the challenge might help! At one point, my Dreamcatcher went awry. (Probably when I heard that whiny "Why do you let her go over and not me?" for the umpteenth time.) I filled the misshapened bits with N'zeppl, and some Inapodish things and kept going. I'm pleased with the results. Of my tile;)

Last week, I discovered InkTober, an annual challenge where artists the world over pick up their pens, draw and post #inktober every day. I've been posting these daily on the Mosaic app. (My handle is JenniferSparrowCZT21.) Thought I'd share the first 10 here. There is a daily prompt just to make it more interesting. I like the open-endedness of them and enjoy drawing based on a word rather than a certain string or tangle. Sort of like a word association game. Of course, please don't show these to my shrink;)

Day 1: Fast

Day 2: Noisy and Day 3: Collect

Day 4: Hungry and Day 5: Sad

Day 6: Hidden

Day 7: Lost

Day 8: Rock

Day 9: Broken

Day 10: Jump

Whew! Long post! Thanks for your patience! Have you ever participated in the InkTober challenge? If not, check it out! If so, let us know! And above all, have fun!