Zentangle is...

The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.


Thanks to everyone who attended our class on February 14! Beautiful work!

Tile 1: Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Bales / Puf, Printemps

Tile 2: Tagh, Shattuck, Tortuca


More beautiful work from our Introduction to Zentangle class on February 28! Since we had several returning students, we learned some new tangles.

Tile 1: Eke, Hollibaugh, Florz and Tipple

Tile 2: Pokeroot, Knightsbridge and Maryhill

Beautiful work from our April 10th class:

Echoism, Hollibaugh, Tipple, Quare

Flora, Pokeleaf/Pokeroot, Floo

This week's (April 17th) work from three returning tangles.

Lovely work at our July 10 Introduction to Meditative Art class:

The "String Theory" class at Southwest Regional on July 24:

"The Magic of Aura" at Southwest Ronal on July 31:

Enjoy the Shade! at Durham Southwest Regional on August 14. This was so much fun!

Grids and Organic Tangles class at Durham Southwest Regional on August 28. Beautiful work using these 9 new tangles!

For the first tile, we learned Verdigogh, Yincut, N'Zeppl, Nymph, Mooka and Fescu.

Featherfall, Cubine, and Fife played together nicely in the second tile!

Borders, Ribbons and a Frame class at Durham Southwest Regional on September 11:

From "Grief and the Art of Zentangle" class, September 14 at the Unicorn House in Hillsborough.

Zendala class at Southwest Regional library in Durham, September 25th.  This class was so relaxing!

Mosaic from the Jewish Family Center's Memory Café, January 12

Such beautiful work!

Mosaics from our new Intro class at Durham Southwest Regional Library

Our January 22 class at Durham Southwest Regional was so relaxing!

From our February 5 Intro class at Durham Southwest Regional, these folks look like pros already!

Our intimate, but awesome, session on February 19 produced these lovely tiles! The patterns we learned were selected by the students. That was so much fun!

The African American Quilt Circle invited me to teach a class on March 4. I was so honored, and humbled, as they are amazing artists in so many different media. Here are some of their tiles, as well as a gorgeous quilt in celebration of their 20 years together!

Back at the library, on March 5th, we had a full house, including my youngest student yet, aged 10, for this class.

On April 9, 2017, we began our Continuing Your Zentangle class with a lesson on String Theory. Lots of giggles, as we worked on trusting ourselves to set our own "limits". Lots of fun!

Our second continuing class, on April 23, looked at aura. This was such a  r e l a x i n g  class, as we learned to be in the here and now, where pen meets paper, following a shape, one stroke at a time. For two and a half hours.  Sigh. We left with smiles on our faces and a sampler tile to show the many possibilities of aura. Bravo, ladies!

Our fourth continuing class, on May 21, took us to a garden filled with organic tangles.

Our first white-on-black tiles at Southwest Regional on January 25.

Lovely lacy work from our black tiles class at Southwest Regional on February 25.

Here's our mosaic from the first Zentangle class at East Regional Library in Durham on March 4.

Continuing class on March 11 at Southwest Regional:

Our Intro to Zentangle class at South Regional Library on March 18:

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