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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Diva's Challenge #302: Hamadox

Drawing Hamadox was a treat for me--so relaxing and soothing to turn the tile and then add the rounding at the end. Thanks, Laura, for introducing me to this zen gem!

My daily acts of random number generating have continued this week. Here are a couple that I posted on Mosaic.

String 040, by Sue Jacobs

String 035, by Anne Marks

Thanks for stopping by! Have a relaxing week!


  1. Great Hamadox 3Z! Love your other tiles too!

  2. Hamadox is a great tangle, your tile is beautiful.

  3. I really like the smoothess of your third tile !

  4. The hamadox tile is very pretty, and neat too, I have trouble with neat. I love the tile with the little bit of colour, that subtle brown/sepia is really rather dramatic.

  5. Hamadox is a lovely pattern and it is very nice drawn on this 3Z tile. The two others are also beatufiful!

  6. All three tiles are soooo lovely! Your subtle rounding on the outside edges of hamadox really set it off. Your delicate shading and wonderful line work in each piece is inspiring!

    Thanks so much for visiting my submission this week and leaving a comment. Your kind words were so appreciated! :)

  7. My favourite of the day is the last one with Dex! Great string with an awesome tangling!

    1. Thank you, Simone! I'm really enjoying using the strings on tanglepatterns.com. It adds an entirely new dimension! I remember that you were doing this, too, so you understand!

  8. Nicely done tiles. The Hamadox is very pretty with the rounding, LOVE the Bunzo on the second, and am fascinated by the pen and pencil work on the third!

  9. Gorgeous tiles! I absolutely love the last one. That fade-out effect with the graphite is really outstanding;-)


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