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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Diva Challenge #337 and Inktober Days 16-20

Artoo, the Diva's "baby", celebrated his 7th birthday last week! Ahh, the age of reason! Congratulations, Artoo! Best wishes for many, many more, each one happier than the last. For our challenge, we had to use the tangle "Artoo", by the Diva herself.

Inktober is flying by so fast! I am thoroughly enjoying these tangle prompts. Nothing fancy, mind you, just monotangles in black ink. Process, not product. Ahhhh.

Day 16: Tripoli. 
I used a resurfaced demo tile that I covered in black "Marks-A-Lot", topped with a blue Prismacolor, white and gold Gelly Rolls. (Okay, that was a little fancy.)

Day 17: Shattuck

Day 18: Ix

Day 19 and 20: Hibred, Hollibaugh

Thanks for stopping by! I totally enjoy your comments. (Last week I was particularly interested in our thoughts on gray hair and its crazy ways! Fascinating!) Have a simply satisfying week!


  1. You always have such a delicate touch, Jennifer. i find it quite inspiring to go away and try to reproduce a version of your pared down monotangles. I don't always succeed of course but every new attempt helps me improve a little.

  2. Lovely work for the Inktober, my favorite is the one with Tripoli on the blue, looks great and for Artoo,you show us that an uncomplicated tile, drawn with care, can be very beautiful (less is more!)

  3. Beautiful monotangles all!
    I like your Artoo tile with its wonderful simplicity!

  4. Such gorgeous work Jennifer! I love the simple elegance of your Artoo tile and your Tripoli tile is Fab! I have so many duds and "meh..." tiles that this technique would be perfect for😀 Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. Love that 'less is more' tile for and with Artoo!!! The blue Inktober one is also beautiful.


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