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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Post #101: Joey and the Diva double feature

It's Friday??? Where has the week gone? I guess quite a bit of my waking hours were spent outdoors in the warm weather we've been having here in North Carolina. My race against the clock has begun: can I do my garden spring cleaning before the mosquitoes, the pollen and the weeds force me to flee? This week, I felt quite confident, until this morning, when I awoke to find that that familiar yellow- green film had covered my world. Ugh. Pollen time in the south. (Does this happen to everyone? I never saw it as much when I lived in France.)
After a quick trip to do some food shopping, I came back home and decided to hunker down, Zentangle style. With itchy, swollen eyes and runny nose, I grabbed the pollen-est colored tile I could find for Joey's High Five challenge. (That was sooo clever, Joey!) Hopefully, it won't make you sneeze!

Earlier this week, I had done the Diva's challenge with Shattuck as part of my Zentangle Primer exercises for Lesson 2. If I may, I'd like to recommend that you get your hands on a copy ASAP. Here's why:
  • to re-discover the magic of the basics and all the possibilities they offer.
  • to slow down,focus on making deliberate strokes and shading in different ways to change the way a tangle looks.
  • to learn how the basic tangles can be used in an infinite number of tangleations. For example, in lesson 1, with 4 different tangles, you'll get almost 30 different patterns.
  • to discover the new Zentangle concept of reticulata and fragments. This will blow your mind. And I'm not going to say anything else.
  • to admire the amazing work of Maria, Rick and Molly.
I've also purchased the new Zentangle Mosaic app. I highly recommend it, too, and will speak more about it in an upcoming post. I don't want to test your patience any more than I already have, especially since this is my 101st post and I value my readers!

Thanks, as always, for visiting! Have a w o n d e r f u l week!


  1. Wow, Jennifer, both tiles are stunning! The first one is my favourite.
    And the composition of your Shattuck monotangle is great aswell.

  2. I love your Joey tile! The colors are great and the way Pais sort of morphs out of Puf is cool. The composition of your Shattuck tile is really creative.

  3. Lol a pollen tile! It does look like it too, I love the imaginative way you have used chord in the composition, a nice change from using it as a border. The negative space Shattuck is great too. Liked to read your thoughts about the Primer, I am dying for mine to arrive. Look forward to reading your thoughts on the app

    1. Thanks, YT! It's so nice to hear the "ding" and find a new YT tile on my phone now!

  4. Pretty spring tile, and I love the Shattuck tile, especially the band going up the center!

  5. Great tile with the 'pollen'. I like how you added the coil with a little flip at the end.

  6. oh that V tile...gee whiz, so striking. and your words about the zentangle primer...I had a chance to glance at it at our latest Intermountain Tangle Gathering, but you've got me really craving it. I want!

  7. Your Shattuck tile is done so well and the design great!

  8. Lovely tiles and you've convinced me to buy the Zentangle primer.


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