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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Joey and the Diva and my indecision!

Sometimes, I can't decide. For years, as a middle school teacher, I had to make hundreds of decisions of day, most of them involving whether a student could go somewhere--to the front desk, to the library, to their locker, etc., etc.! Am I now suffering from the occupational hazard of snap judgement? Maybe yes. Maybe no!
Friday found me trying to squeeze in Joey's and the Diva's challenge in one tile. Joey gave us another circle string, Maryhill and a ban from using Maryhill in the center circle. The Diva said, "Don't take yourself too seriously! Use a little red."
And thus it went:

Any preferences? Do you suffer from indecision? How do you cope?!?
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  1. LOL! When I was a teacher, I always amused myself with the idea that I could say "no" when a student asked to use the restroom. Never did, but....
    I like the second one best. Snap judgement!

  2. I can`t decide which my favorite is ;-))
    But I like the second mos and the last one as well.
    The shading of Maryhill is great!
    And: I also have to take many deciions in my business...but in private life I hate it.... I can totally understand what you mean...

  3. Look what you did! Joey's and Diva's challenges together...well done! This is so nautical looking, and so bold. I love all of them equally ;) ...as for indecision, after the fact that "My Middle Name is Lost," the inability to make a quick decision about anything...(you should have seen me trying to choose a jar of green olives...blargh) is my chief quirk.

    1. have you ever SEEN how many sizes and brands there ARE in green olives?

  4. Hahaha...love this post. I really do like them all but if if I HAD to choose I'd go with the last one. I really love the bold graphics of the composition. That addition of the black on grey breaks up the space in an interesting manner. Well done!

  5. I vote for the 2nd. So see, it's all a matter of taste, and how you're feeling at that particular moment.... I like seeing them all tho & I really like how you connected through the center.....gets me thinking that I may not be done with my Maryhill phase after all!

  6. Wonderful combination! Love it!

  7. I like your post and tile. I lived alone for many years and had to make decisions myself all the time. Nowadays I like to ask Kees to decide for me and when he does .... I do something else. :-)


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