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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Diva's Weekly Challenge #306: Amphora

Hello, Blogosphere!
It's been a while, but I am back with an attempt at Lily Moon's beautiful Amphora tangle. Lily is a rock star in our Zentangle world. Her Amphora tangle is way out of my skill set, but I decided to give it a try. Totally unsatisfied with the results, I dug out my notes on Maria's tutorial for glowing black tiles. (I believe this has only appeared on the Mosaic app. Please correct me in the comments if you know where to find it online.) I just did a few of the shapes, as my hand is still unhappy with me. Maybe I'll go back later and do the whole tile. I had to "resurface", i.e. cover the existing white lines in black. I had read about this technique on Mosaic, without really understanding it. On my tile, when I applied white charcoal pencil over the black ink, the texture from the lines from my white Gelli Roll appeared underneath. You can see a trace of it in the top spiral. This could be an interesting technique to explore.

In other news, I have fallen down another rabbit hole: Mexican nichos (not nachos!!!). These are basically shrines. What I fancy are the gorgeous colors. While recovering from my hand injury, I found that I could use my fat Moonlight and Koi pens and colored pencils to do simple frames that reminded me of the shadow box that is used in so many nichos.  I'm really happy I discovered these! The colors delight me! (On a side note, yesterday my wonderful son-in-law presented me with a box of Magnetips pens in all the brightest colors I could dream of! Look out!)

Thanks for your visit! Have a delightful week!


  1. Delightful mexican tiles! Wonderful vibrant colours!! and the b/w Amphora tile has lovely movement.

  2. I think your Amphora on a black tile is terrific. Your Mexican Nichols are amazing! So vibrant and Colourful! Love them! :)

  3. Hope your hand heels properly. Lovely Mexican tiles and like the variations you have tried with Amphora.

  4. Oh what fun! All of these creations with an injured hand?! Incredible! I adore the bright cheerfulness of your Mexican nichos. They're a lot of fun. Your amphora on black is great! I really like how you enlarged the pattern and used lovely detailing.

  5. How sweet of your son-in-law to get you those nice markers. I've never seen them before, but clicked on your link. The Amphora looks super on black and those pretty Mexican nichos look quite authentic!

  6. An original way of drawing Amphora and I like it, so do your beautiful Mexican tiles!


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