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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Diva's Weekly Challenge #310: Frunky

Welcome back to my journey in the wonderful world of Zentangle!
I thought I'd start this post with some news from the Mosaic app. I love seeing its posts and tutorials from Rick and Maria and feeling like I'm in a class with them. This week, we revisited Crescent Moon. I did these in my "special" sketchbook. I used Prismacolors to get the tan background--Orange espagnol and Lilac--before tangling on top.

Maria challenged us this week to use tangles as strings. I had just finished this Crazy Huggins sampler, also in my "special" sketchbook. (I have a few samplers that I've done to help me remember patterns that I like to use for certain situations. For me, it's a useful tool, since I tend to go blank quite easily!!) I might do this again, with more white space to better highlight the different fills.

Fascinated by some plate-like tiles I've seen on Mosaic that use colored ink tempered with graphite and white charcoal for different tints and tones, I copied one of Maria's, as a study.

Here's where I ended up:

I used my Magnetips pens for the blue, yellow and violet. (The blue one was really light, and I add some Koi watercolor brush and Micron. Oh, well.) I also used zenstone shavings on top of the line work for half of the tiles, in place of the white charcoal. I'm thinking about doing this again with colored pencils to intensify the colors.
If you don't have the Mosaic app, I really encourage you to give it a try! You can get a "lite" version for free, or subscribe for $2.99 / month, or $24.99 / year--less than many Zentangle books, and, for my money, a better tool for studying and deepening your practice.
The Diva' Challenge was to use Frunky, by Katharina Konigsbauer Kolb. I used it in one of the bands on my yellow tile.

Thank you for visiting! Have a colorful week!


  1. I enjoyed seeing all the different ways you used colors, Jennifer. I have not yet purchased the app, and maybe I will reconsider after reading this.

  2. Lovely work, all those tiles and a wonderful use of colors. My favorite is the Crazy huggins tile.

  3. Each is lovely on it's own, and the combination of all is magical!

  4. Like Ria, my favorite is the Crazy Huggings tile! However the rest is also very beautiful. Thanks for your (always) lovely comments on my blog!

  5. Stunning work Jennifer! Crescent Moon is probably my #1 mac 'n cheese pattern and I just love those layered versions. Crazy Huggins also tops my list and your sketchbook page has been bookmarked for some playtime in mine;-) Your 3Z's??? what can I say...AmAzInG! Thank you for sharing all of your gorgeous work. You are an inspiration;-)

  6. I have not yet purchased the app, and maybe I will reconsider after reading this.



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