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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Diva's Weekly Challenge #312: "Coffee, Tea or Me?"

This week the Diva has asked us to tangle with a stain for a string. One of my dear friends had her retirement luncheon this week, a pot luck. I've been interested in learning to cook Lebanese and Moroccan food for the past few months, and decided to take a stab at a beet salad with rose water,lemon zest and pine nuts. I'd never stained a tile with beet juice before. (I never have any luck with wine, tea or coffee stains, for some reason unbeknownst to me!) I was so pleased with my beet juice stain I almost left it alone!!! I kept some of the juice, and will definitely do this again!

After three months, I finally finished my review of the 159 Zentangle original patterns this week.  (I'm still missing "Ravel", whose step out I never found.  Please let me know if you know where it is!!)  Using a random number generator, I chose a string from tanglepatterns.com and five or so tangles.  My focus was on the process, the method, rather than the product.  The elegance of limits.  So much freedom to follow your pen and tangle from the heart. I loved this exercise, and highly recommend it, in some form. You might just try it once. You might take your "Top 20 Tangles", à la Michele Wynne's post this week, and use only those. You might do a series using a certain type of tangle--organic, ribbon, grid-based, etc.   Here's my final entry, albeit sans string:

What's your experience with randomly chose strings or tangles?
Thanks for visiting! Have a serendipitous week!


  1. Indeed, the beetroots are 'made' for coloring things! I do love your tile. Thank you Jennifer, for your very kind words on my blog!

  2. Wonderful cheerful result, the tangles around the gorgeous beetjuice are drawn absolutely fabulous.

  3. What an absolute lovely Diva tile!!! Great color and well chosen tangles!!

  4. Wonderful and very harmonious challenge tile! What a lovely colour!

  5. Your stain did turn out lovely, and you really chose perfect tangles to complete your challenge tile!

  6. Wow! It is a beautiful tile! I hope the salad was delicious. I love beets!


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