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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge #296: Moowa and More!

Zentangle HQ is keeping me as busy as a Christmas elf with The 12 Days of 3Zs challenge! Each day, Maria, Rick and Molly give us a different tangle to use. White tile and black ink are de rigueur. You can post your work on the Mosaic app, or simply post a comment on the blog and enter to win fabulous prizes!
 1st Day of 3Zs: Tripoli

 2nd Day of 3Zs: Tripoli and Diva Dance

 3rd Day of 3Zs: Tripoli, Diva Dance and Shattuck

 4th Day of 3Zs: Tripoli, Diva Dance, Shattuck and Marasu

 5th Day of 3Zs: Tripoli, Diva Dance, Shattuck, Marasu and Tipple

 6th Day of 3Zs: Tripoli, Diva Dance, Shattuck, Marasu, Tipple and Molygon

7th Day of 3Zs: Tripoli, Diva Dance, Shattuck, Marasu, Tipple, Molygon and Knightsbridge on an official 3Z pre-strung tile!

Whew! You get the idea!?! Like the song "The 12 Days of Christmas", we try to include all the tangles from the previous days, although this isn't required, thankfully!

And now for the Moowa! My first attempt was in my sketchbook. I really liked the "hanging and dangling" Moowa, but was unable to reproduce it later :\   My second attempt was on a Bijou tile, which I crammed full and then--eek!--had to shade! 

I've also been playing around with  card stock as I think about gift tags and holiday cards.

Last, but not least, a little visit from Bijou this morning. Rick Roberts inspired this. I recently watched the DVD for the black Apprentice tiles, where he tangles an amazing section of Printemps that was so relaxing to watch.  His lines are so close together that you have the impression that he is creating with black as well as white, as each white line drawn creates a black line of the same thickness.

Thanks for strolling through, or should I say "scrolling through"! Have a joyful week!


  1. Love your Moowa tiles! Your 12-Days tiles are terrific! It's so nice to see them. I too have been participating in this challenge but do not have a way to post my art. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Deanne! Your Moowa tile is awesome. I could tell you really enjoyed drawing it.

  2. Gorgeous work! I really love the black and white Moowa;-) Your 12 Days tiles are fantastic. I'm attempting to add each days pattern to all of the previous patterns as well.

    1. I saw on your blog that you're having some fun with the 3Zs, too!

  3. So many nice things to look at. I especially like the one you did in your sketchbook.

    1. I like that one, too. Wish I could remember how I did it!!!

  4. Wow... so many wonderful work to see here! Your 3Z series are great. I love your sketchbook page with MooWa a lot! It´s gorgeous!


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