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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zendala Dare #110: Patience!

Please be patient with me on this one. Erin's template this week was daunting to me! Lots of angular sections, all straight lines. I think I started this one on Wednesday or Thursday and finished on Sunday. My husband said, "Third time's a charm." I made three zendalas. Don't know if I got to the charm!
If you're interested in the evolution, keep reading. If not, by all means, cut to the chase and scroll to the bottom for the final tile.

Take 1: Thrilled with our cooler temperatures and the arrival of autumn, I thought, "Pokeroot, Pokeleaf and Frostflower." I started out, and almost immediately got distracted. The graphite paper used to trace the template was too dark and had left a waxy residue that was getting on the pens. I totally lost the balance and symmetry needed for a zendala. I took a deep breath and decided to continue anyway. The result was an un-dala!

Take 2: With no more blank Renaissance zendala tiles, I decided to try again on a square Renaissance tile. I wanted to keep the tangles I had chosen and try to follow the template. I put graphite on the back of the template I had printed out and traced it onto my tile. Too light! But I could see the impression from my pencil. I managed to recover the mandala balance and symmetry, but the template really didn't appear.

Take 3: Blessings if you are still with me!! Back to the basics on a Strathmore artist tile with black ink. I placed the template beneath this thinner paper and traced it. Then I took my icosahedron, as I had learned that my "autumn tangles" were not the best for this template. (I used Rixty, Florz, Xircuss,Purk,Crescent Moon and Zander.)

If you're still here, I have two questions: How do you usually get the template onto your tile? Have you had any problems with the Renaissance paper being particularly soft in humid weather?  Thanks for your feedback!


  1. Wow!!! So amazing tiles, Jennifer!
    they are so different and all together so frull of power!
    The first one is my favourite, i LOVE the red and especially the white colour on the renaissance tiles. Great work!

  2. I have not been ready yet..;-)
    I love the first one because it ist NOT symmetric..
    But - the last one in black and white is the most perfect zendala of the three tiles. Very harmonic black and white and well fitting tangles.
    So. That`s it for today!

  3. I loved reading your journey toward the final tile, but to be honest, I love the looseness of the first one and think it is very pretty. The last one is "perfect" and I think that's what you were trying to do, so yes you did achieve perfection. I have tossed the idea of perfection out the window a long time ago. Life is so much easier now LOL!
    In answer to your question, most of the time I simply print out on regular computer paper and tangle away. I cut out and glue them into a journal that has black pages.

    1. Oh! A journal with black pages! How cool! Thanks for your comment and help!

  4. I like all three, but agree with Jean. I print the template and use carbon paper to get it on the tile. And, I do know what you mean by that 'waxy residue' that is something that the pens HATE!

    1. I laughed when I imagined my pens HATING the residue! I think you're right!

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your journey with this template. I love the first one. The colors and the softness of the tangles make it lovely even though it's not symmetrical. The third is really interesting and uses a great mix of tangles.

    I transfer the template to Word, where I'm able to change the size (I usually work with a 6" template) and increase the transparency of the lines so that they're barely visible. Then I print it out directly from the printer onto good quality rag paper.

    1. Thank you, Karen Lynn! I'll try printing directly onto the paper I'm using.


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