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The Zentangle® Method, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Diva Challenge #354: Siri

How has your month of March started off? Mine has seen me trying to get back to a "normal" tangle activity. Tomorrow I'm teaching a class called "Now What Do I Do?" Many of my students have experienced artist's block, and so have I! While preparing for the class, I remembered Sandy Hunter's Tangle Jar, which I made a few years ago. I decided to draw some disks and see where they took me. Feeling a little uncertain, I picked up my bold tip Pigma 10, an inky security blanket, like those big pencils and crayons we had as kids. When I finished, I added some color.

On Tuesday, I made 2 hand-sewn 3.5 inch square journals. These can sometimes make daily drawing easier, since I don't "worry" about using a tile. (I know. That's silly and un-Zentangley.)

Free-styling with Wholly Hollibaugh

I was delighted to see "SIRI" as the Diva's Challenge this week. Simone and Ria are so creative, supportive and generous, and deserve to be honored in our community. The tangle was challenging for me, so I needed a few days to reconcile my hand and brain with it. 

Siri #1, with a little help from the Tangle Jar, and with a pop of pink for Simone

Siri #2, straight, no chaser, but not quite there yet!

Siri #3, on a Cheez-Its box

Siri #4, Bijou-sized

This high-focus, for me, tangle was just right for my current state of mind. Thank you, Laura, Simone and Ria, for this great gift!
Thank you for all your support and kindness. Have a peaceful and positive week.


  1. Love that uncomplicated but cheerful and beautiful coloured tile with familar tangles. Nice composition for the freestyle, I can see that you have enjoyed it very much, that is the real Zentanglespirit.
    Thank you for giving such a nice compliment, I'm honoured.
    Your Siri tiles are all very nice, it is difficult to chose a favorite, maybe that Bijou,beautiful shadowed and looks so cute and fragile.
    Wish you a wonderful sunday!

  2. Wonderful work! Love the color too. Looks like you had a blast!

  3. All those Siri's are great!! You have been quite busy btw :-)

  4. Siri in all its glory but I like the one with Nzeppel best!

  5. I love the first of the Siri tiles best of these, with the pink highlights. I think it's because grid patterns don't come naturally to me. Having said that, the one with turquoise and yellow attracts my eye too. Well, Jennifer, you've done it again!

    1. Thank you, Margaret! I used to love drawing grids, but now I find them more difficult, unless they're wonky!

  6. I love all the ways you drew Siri. I too found it challenging... although the actual tangle is straight forward. I prefer organic tangles.. so I'm always trying to make grid tangles wonky and wobbly. I L💖VE your Siri #1 tile!

  7. De ar Jennifer, sorry that I am too late with my comment. Last week I started to comment every contribution to the UMT challenge - what a nice "work"!
    You drew so beautiful variations of Siri - I love every single tile . I am so happy to see my tangle drawn in succh great variations- I am very grateful and honoured. THANK YOU!
    And thanks as well for your lovely comment some minutes ago- you are more than welcome to one my next classes... but I am not sure if the icicles will stay ;-))- but we could find some other beauties here.


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